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Fred is our gorgeous; goofy, super Cute 7months old Cobberdog.

Sharon couldn’t have been more helpful and informative from the very beginning. We were lucky enough to meet Sharon & Fred’s beautiful mum ‘Rosie’ Cobberdog & Daisy Cobberdog too. We used the service ‘Pocket Pet Transport’ & Fred arrived safely from his journey from Port Macquarie to Sydney.   

Fred was basically toilet trained from the start. We used a Crate for Fred for the first few months & now he has his own big dog bed. We were surprised by how quickly he slept through the night.

Fred is such a happy boy! He is super goofy (all ears and paws when he runs) and makes us ‘laugh out loud' every day. He loves playing chasey with other dogs in the park & going for walks. Fred is like living with a ‘real live Huge Teddy Bear!'   

We couldn’t be any happier with Fred. He has the exuberance & cheekiness of a Puppy. We feel so lucky to have Fred & he’s an integral part of our family and is loyal and loving. We highly recommend Tagalong Cobberdogs.      Big thx Sharon for everything

Tagalong Fred Wilkins 

Instagram- @fredthecobberdog

Thankyou Sharon for breeding such a beautiful pup and for giving her such a good puppy basis for her life ahead and thank you for all of the feeding tips.

I enjoyed meeting Rosie and Daisy on pickup day. I went on a road trip from Phillip Island to Port Macquarie to pick up my beautiful baby CherryB. She was calm and peaceful for the 4 day trip home, during that time we stayed in BnB’s. Cherry B slept in her crate and rode in the crate on the back seat so she could see me and travelled beautifully. She slept in her crate until she was 6 months old when she graduated to a big girls bed in my bedroom. She is also totally toilet trained and learning to ring the bell at the door to go out.

CherryB is such a loving and happy girl she certainly is my dog now she is  very attached. She loves to play ball and is such a great retriever. She also loves to learn tricks and picks up everything really quickly.
-Cheers, Sue.

Tagalong CherryB Battye

Instagram- @cherrybaustraliancobberdog

Our beautiful Cobberboy is the most amazing puppy! We absolutely love him to bits. He fitted into our family so well. Tagalong could not have picked a more perfect puppy for us.

Sharon understood our needs so well, she kept us updated every step of the way and we were so prepared because of it. We couldn’t believe how fast he settled! He was so calm and content.

These days Morris is the biggest goof ball, he is super playful but such a lover always coming for cuddles and so intuitive. We can’t take him anywhere without getting stopped multiple times. People are always asking for his photo and his breeder. We’ve become experts at the Cobberdog elevator pitch! We could not be happier with our big bear! 
-Shaun and Sam

Tagalong Morrison Bear

Instagram- @morrison.bear.cobberdog

Nora is quite literally the best thing that has happen to us. From the get go of expressing interest in a beautiful pup from Rosie’s litter Sharon and Courteney were very professional in providing information r.e costs associated, wait times, waiting lists etc. they allowed us to meet the pups at about 8 weeks of age as I wanted to test the fur with my allergies! From there we chose our beautiful girl Nora and the rest is history! Nora is the most well behaved puppy- literally everyone comments on this when we take her out in social settings! She is a companion dog and she doesn’t trigger my allergies (which are quite severe for other breeds like golden retrievers and labradors). She is able to entertain herself when Rees and I are working but absolutely loves when we get home, that’s for sure! She is a little social butterfly, so playful but gentle at the same time. We love her beyond words. Also… their puppy fur is literally THE SOFTEST FUR YOU WILL EVER FEEL!!! It’s amazing, like a big hug from a teddy bear!! We feel blessed everyday to be Nora paw-rents! Thank you Tagalong! We recommend you to everyone we know, can’t wait to add another Tagalong to our family in the future x

Tagalong Nora Patterson

Instagram- taylapaiggee

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