Our Story

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Our Family 

We are a family-run boutique breeder of the Australian Cobberdogs on the Mid-North Coast of NSW. Hi, my name is Sharon, and together with my Husband Scott we have four children and two Grandchildren. We would describe ourselves as sociable, hardworking, and nurturing. 
We have a passion for all animals, especially dogs, and more specifically Australian Cobberdogs.
As a family, we all have complementary strengths that enable us to deliver a great level of professionalism, devotion, love, and care for Tagalong.
We hope you find what you are looking for and we look forward to starting this journey with you.

This is how our story began

Eight years ago we had the pleasure of meeting our first Australian Cobberdog (ACD), a standard-sized red male. He caught our attention straight away. Not just because of his gorgeous red flowing coat; but his calmness and his endless eye contact made us feel so loved. We were totally hooked. 
Six months later Bonnie arrived, she was a medium ACD and she was perfect in every way. The thought of ever wanting to breed never crossed our minds. Bonnie changed that. She filled our home with love and laughter. Her eyes would look into your soul, reading your every mood and making everything better. She was everything the ACD breed represents. So we made the decision to share this beautiful breed with other families. We are grateful we have this opportunity to share the joy of owning your own ACD.

Why Cobberdogs 

• ACD is a purebred in development since January 2012 and only registered breeders who are members of the MDBA (Master Dog Breeders Association), can issue Cobberdog pedigrees.
• ACDs are bred for the purpose of Therapy roles, medical Alert, and Assistance dogs. With those qualities, it is a given that they are amazing family companions too.
• The Cobberdog is Hypoallergenic and low to no shedding- perfect for people with allergies.
• MDBA requires breeding dogs to have DNA health screens. Ensuring optimal health.
• ACDs are perfect family pets; with kids and the elderly. They're loving, intelligent, very easy to train and non-aggressive.
• As MDBA members we follow strict ethical breeding guidelines, ensuring the best welfare for breeding dogs and puppies.
• We love them, they are our family