Puppy Proofing

Puppies are curious and love to explore, therefore it is important that before you bring your new best friend home, it is essential that you make sure it is a safe and secure place. 

Here is our checklist to help you prepare your home for your new arrival:

 Start with a clean slate. Bring your pup home to a vacuumed environment that's free of easily ingestible objects.

 Remove the temptation to chew. Pick up clothing off the floor, store shoes out of reach.

 Safeguard medication. Secure any pills or medication in a closed medicine cabinet.

 Lock up cleaners, chemicals and batteries. Including plant fertilizers, pool chemicals.

 Secure exposed cords or wires. Use sturdy cord covers or taste deterrents to avoid accidental shock, burns to the mouth, or worse.

 Spray furniture with taste deterrent. Use natural spray like bitter apple to avoid unwanted destructive chewing.

 Make sure your bins are out of reach. This can be a major hazard that is easily forgotten about.

 Plants. Many common houseplants are extremely dangerous for dogs and puppies, including, lilies, aloe vera, ivy, dieffenbachia, caladium, pothos, zamioculcas, cyclamen. It is best to either keep all houseplants out of the way of your puppy or do some research to double check they don’t pose a threat to them.

 Fencing and gates. Before your puppy arrives, make sure there are no gaps in your garden, fencing or gates. Check there are no areas where your puppy could dig under or climb over to escape.