Grooming is an essential part of owning any dog. Remember to touch and handle your puppies paws, ears and tail to prepare them for grooming. Your puppy has been handled, brushed, bathed, hair trimmed, nails trimmed and ears cleaned whilst with us.

It can be a good idea to take your puppy to a groomer no later than 16 weeks of age, it is an important part of their socialization experience. Ask your groomer to just give your puppy a bath and tidy. This will help your puppy feel comfortable at the groomers, ensuring a fear-cycle isn’t set up. Try to book a couple of bath and tidy grooms before 12 months of age. For most a trip to the groomer every 8-10 weeks or so is a good idea. Take a picture of a length you like as a guide for your groomer. Be kind to your groomer it is a tough job.

Please note, if your Cobberdogs coat is not brushed regularly and becomes long, and matted near the skin, your groomer may have to shave your Cobberdog due to the matting because it is too painful for the dog or nearly impossible to remove. This is particularly relevant when a puppy coat is transitioning into an adult coat.


When it comes to owning an Australian Cobberdog you do need to consider their coat. Australian Cobberdog coats are gorgeous however, they do require regular brushing/combing and trimming. Like all low to no shedding coats regular maintenance is required. Your Cobberdogs coat will need to be brushed from ROOT TO TIP to avoid matting. Matting can cause discomfort and skin conditions so regular brushing this way should avoid any matting. If you only brush over the top of the coat you will still get matting underneath. Brush thoroughly with a slicker brush then a comb to catch any knots you may have missed. You should check your dog’s coat 2 to 3 times a week for mats. Pay attention to the chest, under the neck, armpits and behind and under the ears. Find a nice place in the sun and use this time to bond with your dog. We like to keep our dogs coats short/medium in summer due to the ticks in our area and frequent trips to the beach and river. The coat length really is a personal choice and how much time you are willing to put into keeping it groomed.


A slicker brush can help remove any matted hair with minimal hair loss. The right brush makes a big difference. We use a red slicker mat zapper brush from Activet to demat and an activet purple brush for brushing the whole coat.

Trimming around eyes

As your puppy’s coat continues to grow you will need to trim at the inner corner of their eyes so they can see and also so you can see their beautiful eyes. Here is a diagram of Daisy showing where to cut. Puppy should always be able to see and not have any hair restricting their vision. Using blunt tipped scissors cut the hair that obstructs your pup’s vision. Thinning scissors will create a less blunt cut look. Make sure you hold the hair on your pup’s chin with one hand to keep their head still. Your pup has already had this done a couple of times.

Grooming products to buy

Shampoo + Conditioner

Try look for the product with the most  natural ingredients. We use conditioner on longer coats to keep hair soft and easier to brush. We use the Petway shampoo and conditioner in the photo.


Cow boy magic is a product made from silk protein and helps to get through tangles much easier. You only need to use a small amount.


One of the best brand dog brushes you can buy is activet or Chris Christensen. The activet purple slicker is good to get through the whole coat. The activet small red one is great for matting. Remember to be gentle as the bristles are sharp. These brands are expensive but will save you buying multiple cheap ones that you will need to throw out.


The Andis 10-inch comb does a great job and isn’t expensive. The Buttercomb 7 1⁄2” X-long tooth, is recommended to use first as it loosens the coat and then the Andis thinned tooth comb.


We regularly trim through a bigger mat with thinning scissors, it is often quicker than pulling it all apart, although if you do it too often the coat can look patchy. Thinning scissors are also great for trimming around your dog’s eyes, so you don't get a blunt cut look.

Nail Clippers

If you have no experience or if you are not 100% comfortable, do not attempt this without instructions from a vet, or groomer. I find the safest way, is to take off a little bit and go back and take off more if need be.
A guide.