Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for a Tagalong puppy?

Please see Purchase Process for information on how to apply.

Do Cobberdogs shed their coats?

Cobberdog coats are low to non-shedding and allergy friendly.

How old will the puppy be when we get him/her?

Puppies will be ready to go to their family at approx 9 weeks of age. They go to their homes veterinary health checked, microchipped, and with up-to-date vaccinations.

How will I know when puppies become available?

When we have an impending litter we will announce it on our Facebook, Instagram, and website. Once that is announced we will open up our application form which is found in Purchase Process and from there we choose the successful applicants.

Questions you will get asked when you own an Australian Cobberdog and how to answer them. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to promote the Australian Cobberdog and to talk about what they are, giving them their own well deserved unique identity.

What breed is your dog?

An Australian Cobberdog

I haven't heard of it before what breeds are in it?

An Australian Cobberdog is a relatively New Pure breed still in developing stages. It is a rare breed at this stage.

It looks like a Groodle, Labradoodle etc etc?

No, all non shedding dogs do tend to look a bit similar. They have that gorgeous teddy bear look you get with a non shedding coat. All though they look a bit similar their genetic profile is different, therefore they are their own breed.

What breeds make up the Australian Cobberdog? 

There are many breeds involved in the early stages of development. Now the Australian Cobberdog doesn't really resemble any of those breeds. We are many generations along now and the breed has its own unique identity and well defined characteristics that lend themselves to therapy and service including;
- sustained eye contact
- emotional warmth
- high intuition (reading human emotional states well)
- intelligence
- high aptitude for training
- a calm soothing nature

What is a breed in development?

Most current well-known dog breeds have only been accepted as purebreeds in the past couple of hundred years. They had to go through a 'purebreed in development' stage too and all well-known breeds were a combination of other breeds. A purebreed in the developing stage means breeders are working towards predictability within the breed, in temperament, health and appearance. There is the purebreed registry, the MDBA, overseeing the development of the breed and a single breed standard we are all working towards. There are goals we need to reach before the breed will be determined to be a developed purebreed. A couple of new breeds are recognised worldwide each year.