About Australian Cobberdogs

The Australian Cobberdog is an identifiable and registered Pure breed in the developing stages, with its own genetic blueprint. Master dog Breeding Association (MDBA) registered the breed in 2012 and monitors its development extensively. Therefore the breed is consistent and protected through series of DNA testings, making it a supremely healthy canine companion.

Australian Cobberdogs have minimal to low shedding hypoallergenic coats which can be straight, wavy or curly. They come in a range of colours and have low to no odour.

To understand Australian Cobberdogs you need to recognise the characteristics of the breed.
These include:
- strong human focus
- emotional warmth
- calm, gentle, and trusting nature
- high intuition
- high intelligence
- a high aptitude for training
- sustained eye contact
- a goofy sense of humour
These characteristics mean they suit individuals, families and service and therapeutic settings where a soothing influence is needed (nursing homes, educational settings, health settings and companion therapy).

Their human focus and high intuition means they read human emotional states well and adjust their behaviour accordingly. What you can expect from Cobberdogs is love, loyalty, companionship and a lifetime of happiness.

Our Philosophy

We are based on the Mid North Coast of NSW, we have idyllic weather, fresh ocean breezes, and beautiful beaches.

We always put the health and wellbeing of our dogs first. This is accomplished by:
- allowing them a lot of socialisation opportunities by taking them to most places we go.
- providing them with a raw diet that contains the necessary nutrients and vitamins.
- raising our puppies in a calm and stress-free environment
- maintaining regular visits to our vet to ensure the ongoing health
- regular grooming
- our puppies are only sold to homes we have screened, ensuring the puppies are going to loving and devoted families
- frequent exercise
- our puppies are sold with their immunisation and worming dates and full instructions/ guidelines of the necessary information to help the puppy and owner
- we always make it clear that the owner can contact us if they have any concerns
- the Mother and Father of our puppies have health testing, including sophisticated DNA breed profiling for genetic health conditions and coat testing.
This ensures you a healthy puppy with a very good temperament.

Our goal is to breed quality companion and therapy dogs, always ensuring the Mothers health is paramount. Our Dogs are naturally nurtured and loved. We see ourselves as ethical and friendly breeders you can trust.