Breeding Name:
Tagalong Rosies Violet
Sire: Spring Hills Reginald Daley
Dam: Sharchum Savanna's Rose

Size - Standard
Height - 60 cms
Weight - 25 kg
Coat - Gentle waves/Dark Red

DNA Breed Profile -
Orivet Genetic results clear of all genetic diseases.
Hips - Excellent
Elbows - Excellent

Violet -
is the Daughter of our Sharchum Savanna's Rose and Spring Hills Reginald (Reggie)
Violet has a beautiful silk coat which is easy to look after and her colour is explained by vets as an Irish Setter deep rich red.  Violet is always up for a snuggle, she gives the best cuddles while looking into your eyes. She is always eager to please which makes training her very easy. We are always amused at the objects she carries around in her mouth and drops in our laps.. Swimming, catching balls & wrestling with her Mum Rosie & Sister Daisy are among some of her favourite things to do. Violet will have her own litter one day.