Breeding Name:
Tagalong Rosies Violet
Sire: Spring Hills Reginald Daley
Dam: Sharchum Savanna's Rose

Size - Large Medium/Standard
Height - still growing
Weight - 23 kg
Coat - Gentle waves/Dark Red

DNA Breed Profile -
Orivet Genetic results clear of all genetic diseases.
Violet, such a little stunner. Violet is Rosies Daughter, from her first litter, which is very special for us to experience a mother daughter relationship. In the short time of having Violet she has shown her playful, intelligent and cuddly nature. She is eager to please therefore easily trained. She is quite reserved when first meeting new dogs but soon warms up and loves to play. She loves Daisy to pieces and has a lot of respect for Rosie. We can’t wait to see how she develops as time goes on.