Breeding name: Sharchum Savanna's Rose RETIRED
Sire: Rutlands Rembrandt 2nd
Dam: Tegans Sunlit Savanna

Size - Standard 
Height - 63 cm top of shoulder
Weight - 26 kg
Coat - Wavy/Red

DNA Breed Profile -
Orivet Genetic Report results clear of all genetic diseases.
Carries one copy of I/C 

Hips & Elbow scores - good

Rosie is our gentle giant. She has a red wavy coat. She is a big goofball, a bit of a lanky lassie and silly sally. She has a highly sensitive soul, very aware of subtleties and she processes information deeply. She is veeeeeery affectionate, if there are pats on offer, or any form of attention Rosie will be the first by your side. Rosies perfect day would include a big run at the beach, playing with puppies, lots and lots of cuddles, drumsticks and liver treats and spending the rest of the day judging the other dogs for being too immature. Rosie is a very nurturing and caring mother, better than we could’ve dreamed of. I think she helped us as much as we helped her in the first litter. Rosie is eager to please, gentle, patient, caring, protective and nurturing. We love our Rosie and all her precious characteristics.