Breeding name:
Spring Hills Stella Daise
Sire: Spring Hills Reginald 
Dam: Spring Hills Stella

Size - Medium
Height - 55 cm top of shoulder
Weight - 17 kg
Coat - Straight/Blonde

DNA Breed Profile -
Orivet Genetic results - clear of all genetic diseases. 

Daisy is our sweet little blondie. She has a gentle and nurturing soul. She is fearless, sociable, athletic and placid. She is very independent, loves being outside in the fresh air, happy to amuse herself in the garden, or playing with chew toys. She is also very curious, always learning and intrigued by what is happening around her. Daisy loves car/boat rides, going to the beach and chasing/annoying her sisters. She is very affectionate and stares into your eyes when you talk to her. When we look at Daisy we know we are in for a lifetime of belly laughs and affection.